The keys to buy successfully on ebay

Ebay has become one of the most popular sites low cost shopping on the internet because you can buy products around the world and with many advantages as we saw in The advantages of buying online .

How to buy on ebay?

Buying on ebay is quite simple, but there are still people who have money to buy, that's why today I'm showing you some tips to buy bargains on ebay safely:
1. The first thing you should do is make a paypal account to pay as it is the safest way to do it.
2. Think about what you want and how much you are willing to pay for it. Then you start looking and no matter how much you like something remember that you have a budget and you must adjust to it.
You will not be the first to enter ebay to buy a ring and end up buying yourself 20 enamels, example,
3. In the side column of ebayencontraremos different ways of filtering to find what we are looking for. Loideal is that you put - Article in new state-Free shipping costs - Search the world .
If you only look in Spain you will get a mask because most are dedicated to buy in china and then resell them enebay Spain at exorbitant prices. To take the benefits others save yourself.
4. You should always check if you send send Spain . Once you enter the ad of the product you want, you put it below the price.
5. Do not bite with the auctions . I remember once I felt like a "nike" shoes, I took the offer when I went for 5 euros, another young lady also wanted them and two days we were biting with the damn auction. At the end I ended up taking her for € 22.
The next time I was more ready in that casofue with a sports bra Nike, write down the time that finished elanuncio and when there were 10 seconds I made my offer. He did not give time to analyze and I took it for € 7.
6. There is a very good page that shows you the good news that you are about to finish, that if you are more focused on the US for what you You have to fix well if you ship to Spain.
7. Do not buy from any Ebay user who has less than 90% positive votes.
8. Once you buy the item already solote it remains to wait for it to arrive. And remember that if the package does not arrive you must claim paypal before it reaches 45 days to reach an agreement with the seller or your money back.

9. I recommend you see my purchases, if you are interested in something already with my opinion you know if it is worth it or not.

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10. And finally I leave my sellers favotitos Ebay. These are reliable, and they always send packages quickly.

And have you made any low cost purchase on ebay ? Did you know these tips for buying on ebay ?