Famous thick eyebrows

Hello Beauty!
I thought that this fashion was never going to come and I was very happy and I told you about How to pluck the eyebrows according to the shape of your eye and How to remove hair the eyebrows according to the shape of your face and now they go and they take out of tendency to have the thick eyebrows and I am going to say to you a thing all the fault of this new tendency they have the eyebrows of the Famous.

Many are already the famous that have thick eyebrows , one of the biggest culprits of this trend has been Cara Delevingne a model of these that you see and how is it so beautiful you say sure that some defect must have, although you are not able to find it (if a little bit of envy).

Opinion about thick eyebrows:

Although what does not I am envious of their thick eyebrows although now they are trend but I do not like anything, although I will never say of this water I will not drink because the same thing in 3 months I love them.

Even though I do not like thick eyebrows right now, mainly because I would have to start leaving them long and while they grow or they can not be a circus ... they have great advantages: they make the look highlight more and lasragos look stronger.
But in addition to Cara Delevingne we have more famous with the thick eyebrows :

And do you dare to thick eyebrows ?