5 best tricks to eliminate sagging neck

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When you spend 25 years the production of collagen and elastinase is reduced and we can see that there is flaccidity and looseness of the skin, so we have to increase the care in the neck .

Taking care of this area of ​​the body is not the simplest, since there is usually little information compared to other parts of the body just as important as the face.

neck flaccidity

Best beauty tricks to eliminate sagging neck:

1. To reaffirm the neck and eliminate its flaccidity: We sit in a chair with the back completely straight. We take the neck with both hands and raise the barbell by tilting the head back until it is fully stretched, then slowly return.
2. Mix a spoonful of honey with an egg white . We extend it with ascending movements on the neck and leave it for 15 - 20 minutes. Then we remove it with cold water.
3. In the third trick to eliminate the neck flaccidity, we put the tongue in the roof of the palate and turn the head from side to side about 10 times.

4. If you put on makeup, you should always remember to remove makeup very well to remove all types of makeup and do not accumulate dirt. Because if it accumulates we will end up pimples and pimples and they look very ugly.

5. We will apply every night a cream that contains vitamin A or retinol, to stimulate the reproduction of collagen.

6. Always, use sunscreen . In the summer at least 40 in this area, since it is one of the most delicate areas of the body. Remember that although it is winter and it seems that nothing happened to us, we also have to use it.

If you do the exercises every day and mix 1-2 times a week, you will see reduced sagging neck.
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And do you hate the sagging neck? Did you know these beauty tricks to eliminate sagging neck ?